This work was inspired by Julia Silge and of course Cardi B. Julia Silge recently came to Duke and gave a #RLadies #tidytext workshop, before this I have actively avoided the tidy principles because I was stuck in my old ways.

But you wanna know something, it has been really fun learning the tidy principles and exceptionally easy to follow.

Keys to being tidy

#ldf is a list of dataframes and each dataframe represents a song on the album
ldf<-mapply(`[<-`, ldf, 'Title', value = titles, SIMPLIFY = FALSE) #add a title column in each dataframe in list
ldf<-lapply(names(ldf), function(x) tibble::rowid_to_column(ldf[[x]], "line")) #add line number column

#-put all songs in one datafame 
full_album <- bind_rows(ldf) 
colnames(full_album)[2] <- "text"

#-tidy it!
tidy_album <- full_album %>%
  unnest_tokens(word, text)

Sentiment analysis

What kinda vibe is Cardi B’s album Invasion of Privacy giving off?

Here I used bing sentiments which classify if a word is positive or negative.

Using this classification, I looked to see what percent of each song was positive or negative. This analysis shows that Best Life, I Like It , Money Bag, I Do are the top positive songs. I will have to agree that Best Life and I like It are overall positive, and Best Life features Chance The Rapper, my all-time favorite artist, so it will always hold a special place in my heart.

album_sentiment<-tidy_album %>%
  anti_join(stop_words) %>%
  inner_join(get_sentiments("bing")) %>%   # getting the subset of words that are in the bing sentiment and in the album
  count(Title, word, sentiment, sort = TRUE) %>% # counting the number of positive and negative sentiments in each song
  group_by(Title) %>%
  mutate(proc = (n/sum(n) * 100)) %>%      #calcalating percent of positive and negative sentiments

I was curious to see what words from those songs made it “positive”.

album_pos<-album_sentiment %>%
  filter(Title %in% c("I Like It", "Best Life", "Money Bag", "I Do")) %>% #subsetting the four songs
  group_by(Title) %>%
  filter(row_number() <= 10)   %>% #get top 10 sentiments for each song

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that “woo” is a positive word! Otherwise, I would think a better sentiment data set would better serve these songs, one specific to hip-hop music.

tf-idf analysis

Soooo you haven’t listened to the album yet…I will try and summarize each song

So let’s see if this reigns true for the songs in the album. Naturally, the words that are most important to each song is the chorus which typically defines the song.

album_tf_idf<-tidy_album %>% 
  count(Title, word, sort = TRUE) %>% #count the words
  bind_tf_idf(word, Title, n) %>% #calculate tf_idf score
  arrange(desc(tf_idf)) %>% #sort by tf_idf
  group_by(Title) %>% 
  filter(row_number() <= 10)   %>% #get the top 10 tf_idf for each song

If I took the words of the highest tf-idf score for each song, I wouldn’t be able to recapitulate what the song was about. Perhaps, calculating the tf-idf scores on n grams would better characterize what the song was about.

Analyzing n-grams

Here are the top trigrams for each song.

trigram_album<-full_album %>%
  unnest_tokens(trigram, text, token = "ngrams", n=3) %>%
  separate(trigram, c("word1", "word2", "word3"), sep = " " ) %>% #separate words
  filter( !word1 %in% c("verse", "chorus", "intro"), # filter out "verse", "chorus", and "intro"
          !word2 %in% c("verse", "chorus", "intro"),
          !word3 %in% c("verse", "chorus", "intro")) %>% 
  unite(trigram, word1, word2, word3, sep = " ") %>%  # join words
  count(Title, trigram) %>% # counting the trigrams
  bind_tf_idf(trigram, Title, n) %>% # calculate tf_idf for the trigrams
  arrange(desc(tf_idf)) %>% # sort by tf_idf
  group_by(Title) %>% 
  filter(row_number() <= 10)   %>% #get the top 10 for each song

I definitely think as n increases, it is easier to get a picture of what each song is about. The top trigrams of Drip, Best Life, Get Up 10 characterizes its respective song well.

Cardi B Phrases

We all know Cardi B is known for her phrases, so I was curious to see what are some top phrases we can take from the album.

Below is a graph of bigrams throughout the album.

Can anyone spot the next Cardi B catch phrase?
Nothing will beat #Okuurrrr
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I can’t wait till I’m making money moves and make a couple m’s … I’m not sure if I will be buying red bottoms or a versace driveway but I’m definitely okay with ferrari fridays.


Using tidy principles definitely made my code look and feel more neat and debugging was a lot easier. I will be incorporating tidy principles more in my day to day work. As for text mining and analysis, this was my first jab at it and I had a lot of fun with this. I think a better sentiment dataset that is catered to Rap/Hip-Hop music would have made the sentiment analysis more accurate. Thank you for reading my first blog post…now back to #PhDLife.